LUMINES "TERRA" groove mounted profile

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LUMINES "TERRA" groove mounted profile

Cross section

LUMINES "TERRA" groove mounted profile.Designed for use on the floor .Thanks to the sealing glass shade of the anti-moisture, LED strips can also be used in areas exposed to the appearance of moisture.

Color varations
- anodized silver,
- lacquered (RAL9016).

- two-sided adhesive tape

- Cover (diffuser): milky (mounted from the top, snap-on)
- dedicated caps in 2 color variations

Profile is sold in standard lengths: 39,37", 79,53".
There is a possibility of cutting the profiles to any size

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Installation diagrams

fig. 1 
Installation instructions for the TERRA profile with a floor cover
fig. 2 
The end result of installing a TERRA profi le with a fl oor cover
fig. 3 
Methods of installing TERRA profi les inside milled holes on the example of stairs
fig. 4 
Connecting TERRA profi les in the vertical plane
at an angle of 90 degrees
fig. 5 
Connecting TERRA profi les in the horizontal plane
at an angle of 90 degrees
fig. 6
Assembly scheme for the elements of the lighting system using TERRA profi le and (1) a fl oor cover,
(2) LED strip, (3) end cap without hole (3a) end cap with hole