Aluminum profiles Lumines LIGHTING are a perfect mounting profiles for LED strips. With its minimalist and modern design, they can be use, not only as lighting elements, but also as a decoration. Selection of an appropriate aluminum alloy significantly improves the dissipation of heat produced by the LEDs, and thus prolongs the life of the LED strips.

We are glad that our products are becoming increasingly popular among customers in Poland and the brand LED Lighting Labs is recognized in the lighting industry on the Polish market. We are especially pleased with the fact that the award is granted to only a few. Our actions bring image-as you can see the benefits that drive us to further development of the company and work on new,innovative products.
We think innovatively.

Our mission is to provide technologically advanced products, which by maintaining competitive prices, are becoming widely available. We try to make our solution significantly affected the increasing comfort.
We awaken trust.

For nearly ten years of activity we have developed position as a reliable business partner. We work with leading LED solutions from the Far East, where there is a world center for their production. As an exclusive importer in the country, we provide LED modules Korean company GOQ manufactured using Samsung components.

We learn, and as they care about the quality and precision. In our laboratory photometry in Krakow, we test all imported products, thanks to a thorough inspection products that hit the market retained the highest level of reliability.
One of our core values ​​is to provide products to raise the quality of life. Produced by our aluminum profiles are manufactured exclusively from Polish raw materials, of which we are proud.

We look to the future. We are glad that you are with us.


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