LUMINES "X" surface mounted profile

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LUMINES "X" surface mounted profile

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Lumines X aluminium profile is a surface-mounted profile with minimalist dimensions, designed for simple and fast installation in hard-to-reach places. It is ideal for discrete lighting in kitchens, stores and lighting countertops, handrails. Lumines X is perfectly suited for decorative backlighting in furniture and interior decorations.
The use of the X profile ensures that we will obtain an extremely narrow and pleasant light beam. The ability of obtaining a narrow light beam is not the only advantage resulting from the use of the X profile. Its minimalist design allows for installation in places where there is little choice for the use of appropriate lighting.  The small height of this profile and the flat cover (mounted from the top with a snap-on) give the impression of a very discreet fixture for LED strips and tapes. 

LED strip width:
up to 0.31”

Color variations:
- nonanodized,
- anodized silver,
- anodized black,
- anodized inox,
- lacquered white (RAL9016)

two-sided adhesive tape,
mounting clip


COVERS (diffusers):
* transparent,
* frozen,
* milky,
* milky frosted,
* lens 15, 
* black

Mounted from the top, snap-on.

aluminium or plastic caps with or without a hole in 5 color variations (white, black, inox, silver, gray)

mounting clip X MINI,
metal mounting clip X




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Installation diagrams

Installation instructions for profile X with a SLIM cover using (1) a double-sided tape, (2) a mounting clip X and (3) a metal mounting clip X
The end result of installation of profile X with a SLIM cover using (1) a double-sided tape, (2) a mounting clip X and (3) a metal mounting clip X
Decorative effect of installing profile X behind the edge of a mirror
Connecting profiles X with a SLIM cover at 90°
Assembly scheme for elements of the lighting system using profile X and (1) a SLIM cover, (2) a LED strip, (3) an end cap with hole, (3a) an end cap without hole, (4) a mounting screw, (5) a mounting clip X
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