LUMINES "I6" / "I10" glass / plexi profile

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LUMINES "I6" / "I10" glass / plexi profile

Cross section

Lumines I6 and I10 are glass/plexi profiles. Perfect for mounting and lighting store shelves, informative and decorative plates. 

LED strip width:
up to 0.39”

Color variations:
- anodized silver

two-sided adhesive tape,
mounting screws,
assembly profile FARI


aluminium caps with or without a hole/with or without support in silver 

profile FARI

Profile is sold in standard lengths: 39,37", 79,53".
There is a possibility of cutting the profiles to any size.

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Installation diagrams

Installation sequence diagram for glass l6/l10 profiles using a double-sided tape, assembly profile FARI and mounting screw
End result of the installation of l6 glass profile as the element of pendant lighting system for edge lighting
End result of the installation of I10 glass profile as the fixed element, mounted to the vertical surface using dedicated end caps with support
Assembly scheme for elements of the lighting system using profile l10 and (1) a LED strip, (2) rubber tape for profiles, (3) a mounting cap with support with hole, (3a) a mounting cap with support wihtout hole, (4) mounting pins, (5) mounting screws, (6) glass or plexiglass
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