Lumines "B" groove profile

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Lumines "B" groove profile

Cross section

Easy installation inside a milled grove. The minimum depth of the groove is only 9 mm.
The small height of this profile and the flat cover (mounted from the top with a snap-on) give the impression of a very discreet fixture for LED strips and tapes. It is perfectly suited for use as an element of decorative backlights in furniture and interior decorations.

Color varations
- nonanodized
- anodized silver,
- anodized black,
- anodized inox,
- lacquered (RAL9016).

-pressed on to the milled hole or by adhesive tape

- Cover (diffuser): milky, frosty or transparent
(mounted from the top, snap-on)
- dedicated caps in 4 color variations

Profile is sold in standard lengths: 39,37", 79,53".
There is a possibility of cutting the profiles to any size

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Installation diagrams

fig. 1 
Installation instructions for groove mounted profi le B
with a BASIC cover
fig. 2 
The end result of installation of groove mounted profi le B
with a BASIC cover
fig. 3 
Installation of profi le B inside a milled opening (1) with fl at end cap
(2) with round end cap
fig. 4 
Isometric view before mounting profi le B inside the milled opening
(1) with fl at cap, (2) with round cap
fig. 5 
Connecting profi les B inside milled opening at an angle
of 90 degrees
fig. 6 
Methods of installing profi le B inside milled holes
on the example of stairs
fig. 7 
Assembly scheme for elements of the lighting system using groove mounted profi le B
and (1) a BASIC cover (2), a LED strip (3), rounded caps with holes